Frequently Asked Questions

How do I renew my membership with the new registration?

Renewal of Membership can easily be done by going to the NEW USMSA Website at Once on the website, follow the prompts given on the website. Payment is preferred using a credit card; however, checks or money orders will be accepted and can be mailed to the Associations address. If you are not able to go online to renew your membership, you can send a check or money order to the USMSA mailing address.

How is my financial information protected?, the payment service provider, accepting credit card & electronic check payments through their website over a protected IP (Internet Protocol) connection, ensures financial protection as well as identity and password protection to the user.

Explain the criteria for nominating an Associate member?

Criteria for nominating an Associate Member is as follows: The proposed member must be nominated by at least two members and voted in by voice vote of those attending our annual Association conference. On a case by case basis, an association member may nominate a non-law enforcement person that has demonstrated a continued commitment to the USMS and/or USMSA. That person must be nominated by at least two Association members and voted in by voice vote by those members in attendance at our annual USMSA conference. The person must be in good standing and have no negative background issues that would bring disrepute to the Association. The Associate member may attend and participate in USMSA conferences, conventions and activities. Associate membership is $65.00 per year and may be adjusted as needed. Associate members may not vote or hold an elected office with the Association.

what expenses do my dues cover?

Dues assist in defraying the costs of the Association’s annual conference; various administrative expenses such as website maintenance, tax return preparation, letter mailings etc..All elected officers are volunteers and receive no compensation in their positions.

What is the difference between motions voted on during the conference and those that are voted on for members at large?

Basically, if any changes or amendments are made to the USMSA Constitution & By-laws it requires a full membership vote by written ballot. Motions that are voted on at the conference do not require any amendments or changes to the USMSA Constitution & By-laws.