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  • 1789 -
    The First Generation of United States Marshals
    General Portrait of the First Sixteen Marshals - Building a nation depends not only on the laws that define the government, but also on the quality of the individuals who serve it. President George Washington, as he filled the various offices of the new federal government throughout...
  • 1789 -
    Oldest Federal Law Enforcement Agency
    The oldest federal law enforcement agency in the United States is truly the Marshals Service. The agency was formed by the Judiciary Act of Sept. 24, 1789. The act specifically determined that law enforcement was to be the U.S. Marshals' primary function. Therefore it appropriately...
  • 1789 -
    Recognition of the Need for Federal Marshals
    Pictured here is the official portrait of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Oliver Ellsworth and his wife Abigail.  Ellsworth was the principle author of the judiciary Act of 1789, the charter for the federal judiciary system and the Marshals Service. Senate Bill Number One...
  • 1789 -
    Stopping Counterfeiters (1789-1865)
    Prior to the 20th century, money in the United States came in an amazing of different forms. The federal government made little effort to adopt a standardized currency. Until the Civil War, the United States Mint concentrated its efforts on manufacturing gold and silver coins. Government...
  • 1790 -
    The U.S Marshal Conducted Death Sentences
    The U.S. Marshal has been historically assigned the task of conducting the death sentences on those condemned by federal courts. This stemmed from “An Act for the Punishment of certain Crimes against the United States” (April 30, 1790) and the Judiciary Act of 1789. The first known...



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